Tradeshow Display Success, “I Need More Customers!”


One of the tradeshows I exhibiting in, I can remember walking down a isle with 8 booths to my left and 8 booths to my right.  25% of those booths did not have a custom imprinted table cover or custom banner.  They simply had the standard table cover along with the standard pipe and drape.  I noticed how many attendees showed little interest in those plain “cookie cutter” booths while strolling by to the more colorful, attractive custom booths.


The primary reason why we spend thousands of dollars to exhibit in a tradeshow and leave our businesses & organizations for 1-7 days, which can cost us even more $$, is to secure new customers; so wouldn’t it make sense to spend some time putting together an attractive booth display that will help you stand out from the crowd of booths around you, ultimately pulling more potential customers into your booth.


Before you even have an opportunity to say hello and shake a hand, you and your booth have been scoped out by attendees who are deciding if they are going to stop by your booth or not.  Your booth should say “Hey, come on over and check me out!”  Which one of these 2 booths are you more likely to stop by at a tradeshow?




I already know your answer, it’s “Booth B”.  Waterworks really took the time to showcase their brand with a well thought out coordinated graphic message.  Add branded Waterworks apparel for the booth staff  along with a unique branded promotional product(s) to give to the booth visitors and Waterworks is ready to make an impact and have a successful show!


You really cannot tell what “Booth A” is selling.  With a tight schedule and a lot of booths to see, I’m going to keep-it-moving right on pass “Booth A”.  As a leader/decision maker, it is imperative for you to find corporate partners that can help fuel your business/organization towards success and “Booth A” looks like they just ran out of gas!


“Booth B” worked with a promotional products professional like “CITY WIDE  At CITY WIDE PROMOTIONS, we take the time to understand your vision and your goals.  We then take that information and craft a unique set of products that effectively convey your message, ultimately producing the end results your business/organization is seeking, which is why our slogan is RESULTS  DRIVEN  SOLUTIONS.


Let us assist you with planning and executing the booth display for your next tradeshow.  Give Reggie a call today at 855-984-1535 Toll Free or ask about our retractible banner special


*stay tuned for my next Tradeshow Blog, I Have My Fancy Booth, Now What??